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Working as a guest artist in pre-schools, elementary, middle, high school, college, adult and senior settings, Ken's brought the art of songwriting to life for folks of all ages

A songwriter's "artistic tools" are words, feelings, melody, mood, stories, rhyme and rhythm - which participants contribute in shaping the songs

created in the workshop .  


Sessions inspire creative thinking  & writing, while reinforcing curriculum 

& stimulating imagination.


     Ken asks his co-writers...

• How can we get people interested 

in our topic?

• What unique perspective

can we offer?

• Will our song be informative 

or wildly imaginative?  

Or - can it be both?!? 

• What mood or tone 

should our song have?

• What rhythm, pace or style? Why?


     The brainstorming process might lead to songs about HistorySocial Studies, Feelings, Nature,

Weather, CurrentEventsParents

even Science or Math!​

ALL the links above feature songs written with Elementary students!

"You made a real impact

on our students, teachers and parents, on many different levels...

a positive difference in the lives

of the people here at Franklin."

~ Alan Fuller, Franklin Elementary, Fond Du Lac, WI


"What you accomplished

with our students was amazing!"

~ Marge Willms, Learning Coordinator, Brookfield, WI

"You are a genius!

The whole residency was wildly successful - I knew it would be! Students (and Teachers, too!) are still buzzing with excitement over the songs they created with you!"

~ Diane Odbert, PTA Coordinator, Ft. Collins, CO

"Ken established a wonderful rapport with students and maintained excellent discipline in each class. Both administration

and faculty were impressed

with how he kept each class on task and used the creative process

of song writing to enhance the subjects being studied in class."

~ Karen Bures, Music Instructor, Wisc. Rapids, WI

"You’re an extremely talented songwriter, musician and singer who gave us all a great experience!" 

~ Maywood School, Monona, WI

“Outstanding classroom management.... Respectful of teachers and students....

I would recommend him to any other school, absolutely."

~ Principal, Kenwood School, Minneapolis, MN

"Your efforts helped to join all members of the staff and student body in a joint effort to showcase our curriculum and talents to the McKinley parents and community. 


This has been one of the few times in my career that parents have called and written personal notes of thanks for providing their children such a wonderful experience. 'The Search For Flutterby' was a theatrical hit!​"

~ Katherine M. Crowley, Principal

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