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Wide-ranging themes - nature, current events & personal   

addressed with wit and passion.  


Ken writes about nature with passion and purpose, performing in nature centers, folk clubs, colleges and conferences about issues related to  water, woods, animals, energy,

and more.  His environmental education songs are sung

around the world!.





Sweetthoughtful & humorous

songs about everything under the Sun - and occasionally beyond!

Ken 6 More.jpeg

 Ken's acoustic band plays traditional Irish pub songs.

Visit  to learn more!

Fun, imaginative, meaningful

songs for young audiences...

and adults in their company!  




Drawn from his most popular albums, a mix of funny story-songs, earth-friendly themes joyful imagination!


As an environmental minstrel he's performed for pre-schoolers, college audiences & adults his entire career.  

His songs encourage respect for the Earth, address the issues we face,

and what we can do to help -

regardless of our age!



Wisconsin & Great Lakes songs

stir adult and school-age audiences alike.  Natural beautyplacestraditions

history and lore come to life in concert. 







Using songs from his musicals and

story-songs, concerts unfold like

a great children's book. 


Keynote Speaker at many "Young Author's Day" events & Reading Education Conferences across the U.S.,

he's performed in schools & libraries

with a focus on reading and writing. 


Listen to just a few of his story-songs - "Princess & The Pea", "Switcher-On Of Stars", "One Speed Bike", "Windy Bill", "Nattie Of The Jungle"... and see why he's loved by young and old alike!


Ken's most popular musical is based

on an ancient Yule story.  A recipe for enchantment, its warmth & magic

stirs audiences of all ages.

“Anyone can be the one,” Befana sings, “to make a better world.”

     It might be… you!

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