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     For any special occasion Ken offers a musical surprise... a song written-to-order just for your family or friends!


     Tell Ken what you'd like to say, and the musical mood & style you prefer. He'll craft a song for you lickety-split!   Your gift can be delivered via mp3 file or video.

JOAN LaVELLEKen Lonnquist
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1.  Contact Ken

(608) 249-7714 or

2.  Provide details for the song. 

3.  KEN works quickly, but advance notice helps if you want a complex song, recording or video!

4.  Payment via PayPal or Check.  
Checks must be received before song is delivered.


(608) 249-7714

Happy Co-Writers!

     Dad absolutely loved the song!  Both he and our Mom laughed and cried - they said it was one of the best gifts ever.  Thank you again for helping us make our Dad's milestone birthday so special - we had a lot of fun working with you!    

     ~ Kelly R.



     Hello Ken,
     My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You assisted our 4 girls in re-writing lyrics to one of your songs for my husband’s 70th birthday. We may or may not have shed many tears. You did a wonderful, wonderful job. We can’t even begin to tell you how this song wrapped up more memories than we can count, tied them up with a ribbon made from sunshine and butterflies, and went straight to the heart.
Thank you for your music, which we memorized and enjoyed singing together for many many years, and God bless you.      Sincerely, 

     Jim & Mary R., 
along with daughters Kelly, Molly, Jamie and Beth


     My mom has dementia and is generally not very communicative.  I thought, let’s do a song about my mom.

     The magic for me is that when I play this song for my mom, she is transformed. She perks up, dances with it in her wheelchair, directs the music, and interacts with it – affirming the truth of the stories, saying “Yep!” Or pretending to be embarrassed when she almost shot my dad when he came home early from a business trip without calling. To keep her anxiety down in the hospital after she broke her hip, I played the song for her. Then the doctor came in, of course asking her name for the 20th time, she piped up with pride that her name was “Joan Lavelle,” as though he should know right away how famous she was. When he did not act with the glee and deference she expected, she fluttered her eyes and waved him off.

     ~ Celeste C.

     Oh, Ken - the song is so much fun! 

I love all the costumes & editing, and all the musical Oz references! The tune is just up her alley & the kazoo is super-fun.  I could go on & on! Thank you soooo much for doing this!

     We had so much fun surprising Mary with your song on her birthday. We were able to share the screen while we played your video for her. It was a total surprise & she thought it was awesome!

     ~ Sharon C.

     You hit it out of the park, Ken!  

Listened to Holly's song, oh... 5 or 6 more times this morning--on heavy rotation.

     The hook is just fantastic!

     ~ John W.

     Thank you so much for this most magnificent Ridley song. I can’t wait for Ridley to “open” it.

      Alan is doing Al magic and making the  physical DVD and maybe a little booklet with the words and pics to go with. 

     We are also excited to see Erin’s face when she hears / sees it. She will be wowed! 

     What a gift this will be! What a gift you are! 

     Love ❤️ 

     ~ Terri F.

     John ABSOLUTELY LOVED the song! He laughed, he cried.... it was perfect!

     ~ Holly S.

     Bravo!  I'm tickled pink!

     OMG as the kids say. I just got choked up listening. And again on the second listen. Perfect!

     Ken, thanks so much. They are going to LOVE this.  I'm so tickled by this!

     ~ Craig B.

     Dear Ken-

     I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely amazing video you made for my 28th sober anniversary. The way you put the video and music and lyrics together just touched my heart in a way that I have never felt before this moment. 

     ~ Mary M.

     Blown away by your creativity and amazing video.  You truly knocked it out

of the park with all the harmonies, hilarious cartoon images and rhymes.  Gorgeous!!!!  

     ~ Marisol K.

     OMG!!  What a lovely song.  I have been feeling a little trepidation going into this year. This song and video makes me feel very loved and appreciated. Thanks so much!!  What an artist you are. 

     ~ Celeste C.

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