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Ken began writing musicals

for the Children's Theater of Madison (CTM) in 1980, composing songs for eight full-scale musicals and a string of compact 50-minute shows.

     Ken Lonnquist’s music tip-toed mysteriously, as if down a long, spiral staircase, to that place inside each of us where shivers wait to be released. Every song was a treat, whether deep and dark or light and silly.

     ~ The Capital Times

     “A lively production, cleverly written and composed by Ken Lonnquist.” 

     ~ Isthmus

     The music is what makes this version of “A Christmas Carol” worthy of your time.  From the first moment, Lonnquist sets the tone for this version with the haunting “A Christmas Carol”, which sent a chill down my spine.

~ Wisconsin State Journal

    Lonnquist’s up-tempo numbers excelled. Sophisticated and distinctive, they sometimes took the story down unexpected byways, adding elements not found in the original.

    ~ The Capital Times

     Ken Lonnquist’s original musical score is wonderful. 

     ~ Wisconsin State Journal

     This is a marvelous production. The music is top-drawer.

     ~  Isthmus,

     Everything that theater for family audiences should be --- intelligent, magical and fun.

     Lonnquist’s  score is written in a combination of rock and pop styles, with a couple of nice ballads, particularly “The Wood Between The Worlds” and “Over The River”. 

    ~ The Capital Times  

    Brought a beautiful old story and a very significant message to life for our families in a delightful way.

     Our memory of your music and its empowering messages of goodwill is one that shines, not just in the immediate afterglow of having heard you - but weeks and months beyond!

     ~ First Unitarian Society

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